My Computers

My Home Office

My computers are connected to a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I use a USB switch to change the USB devices over to the active system.

Shared Hardware

Mario - Game Monster

My primary PC gaming and VR rig.

Sonic - How may I serve you?

Sonic is my NAS (network attached storage) workhorse. It's main purpose file (SMB) and media serving (Plex). It also hosts this website from a Debian QEMU VM. It is powered by the fantasic UnRaid OS (Linux Based).

My current mobile rig is about maximum flexibility. It can be a portable gaming rig, or a great development platform.

Clank - "Does this thing still work?"

Clank has been retired. I no longer keep this one connected. The machine still exists, but it has been placed into storage. These days I can recreate most of what I could do on it via emulation.

Puter Archive

Here are the specs of puters from long, long time ago. Maintained for historical accuracy.

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