My Computers

My Home Office

I've been custom building my own PC rigs since 1994. This page tracks the evolution of my various systems.

Desktop Hardware

Deadpool - Game Monster

My primary PC gaming and VR rig.

Sonic - How may I serve you?

Sonic is my NAS (network attached storage) workhorse. It's main purpose file (SMB) and media serving (Plex). It also hosts this website from a Debian QEMU VM. It is powered by the fantasic UnRaid OS (Linux Based).

This little white box of awesome is built to run classic console emulators using RetroArch and Emulation Station.

My current mobile rig is about maximum flexibility. It can be a portable gaming rig, or a great development platform.

Clank - "Does this thing still work?"

Clank has been retired. I no longer keep this one connected. The machine still exists, but it has been placed into storage. These days I can recreate most of what I used to do on it via emulation.

Puter Archive

Here are the specs of puters from long, long time ago. Maintained for historical accuracy.

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