Why Hello There!

I'm a big geek and this is my website laxDRAGON.com.

The purpose of this website is a repository for my thoughts and ramblings about the things that I enjoy. It also warehouses hopes and dreams. Well... maybe not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

About Me

Pragmatic Purveyor of Playful Possibilities.

I am a geek. A geek of video games. That is where my passion lies. This passion has lead me to researching and collecting video game history. My GAMEDB is an example of this.

For a career: I build and maintain websites, servers, and small local area networks. I specialize in Linux servers, and prefer to do my backend code in PHP. I'm somewhat adept at SQL through the use of mySQL daemons. The front end code is accomplished with jQuery. For more examples feel free to peruse the CODE section of this website.

Game Database

Ever since I got my hands on an Atari 2600 way back in the early 80's, I could never keep myself away from a joystick. I've considered myself lucky to grow up with the games. When I was simpler, the games were simpler. I can remember hours, and hours of trying to get Pitfall Harry through those 255 screens of danger. Or spending 8 hours of solid gameplay trying to flip the score in Defender. I wore the marks of terrible joystick design. The callus in the middle of my joystick hand.

By the time I was in grade school, Atari's fame was gone. The great video game crash was upon me. Stores no longer sold video games. It was not until 1985, almost 3 years later, that Nintendo came onto the scene. The rush was back! Mario, Zelda, Mega Man. I know these names well. At this time, my parents became worried, they imagined a future where all I would know how to do is "Save the Princess". To this day, I still haven't seen a job add for that skill.

Some time around the new millennium, I got bitten by the bug to expand my collection. I mainly collect out of nostalgia. I also want to do my part to preserve video game history.

Note: Before you even ask, NO! I will not sell or copy you any game in my collection. If you want to buy old games, Search eBay. If you want to pirate games, you are on your own. I will not assist you in that endeavor.

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