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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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When the Gamecube was first introduced, Nintendo showed us a teaser movie of a teenage Link sword fighting Gannondorf. Everyone assumed that this was going to be the style of the next game. Almost a year later Nintendo showed a new video of the next in the Zelda franchise. To our surprise this game was cell shaded (cartoony) and featured a much younger Link. This game was quickly nicknamed "celda" and caused much worry that it would be too "kiddie" for much of the fanbase tastes. I for one, had nothing to worry about. This game is another example of everything that makes Zelda a wonderfully amazing series. You play a new hero (Link or named whatever you want) who lives on an island with his grandmother. His kid sister is kidnapped by a giant bird right in front of his eyes. You embark on a quest to save your sister that eventually leads you to saving all of Hyrule from the clutches of Gannon once again. As I said, this game takes place on islands. You spend much of your time sailing from island to island. You even look for treasure underneath the waves with your trusty grappling hook. Thankfully, after about half-way through the game you gain the ability to warp around the word saving much time as the sailing does get a bit tedious. As fun as this game can be. It also has a few moments of torture. One that comes to mind is a fifty level dungeon that is nothing but small rooms of enemies. It took me a solid hour of sword slashing and arrow flinging to get through that one. Not to mention the long sub-quests that having you searching everywhere for rupees and heart pieces. There is a significant amount of collecting to be done. This Zelda game does have a rich plot with some great twists and turns. What I like is that you face Gannon multiple times in the game. Making you feel he is more an active part in the story. Not just some big boss waiting for you in the last dungeon to come and finish him off.
Newman Rating: 5 Star 5 Star
Region: United States United States
Category: Role Playing Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Includes: Game Box, Game Manual
Condition: Complete in Box
Current Value: $33.50
Date Added: November 23, 2004
Last Updated: February 20, 2019
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