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Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2: The G-man. Who the hell is he? What does he want? I guess we won\'t know the answers until Half-Life 3.
Half-Life 2: The quality of the in-game characters is the best I have ever seen. Some of the best voice acting I\'ve heard in a game.
Half-Life 2. Cool sequence where you are under a train bridge jumping from steel beam to steel beam.
Half-Life 2. Even the title screen is eye candy.
11-28-2004: Just finished the game. I enjoyed every second of this game. It felt a little shorter than Half-Life 1, but overall the experience was even better. The variety of levels and game play times helped move this game along. Just when you get used to one game play style, you are thrown into something completely different. The story does not explain everything yet. Don't expect any answers. More details as I play through the game another time.
Newman Rating: 5 Star 5 Star
System: PC PC
Region: United States United States
Category: 1st Person Shooter
Publisher: Valve
Includes: Game Box, Game Manual, Extras
Condition: Complete in Box
Date Added: November 28, 2004
Last Updated: February 20, 2019
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