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DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil

in game
title screen
Expansion pack to Doom 3. You play as a different marine sent in to the now abondoned base on Mars to find out what happeded. You become quickly seperated from your team. Trapped, as a new wave of hellspawn now flood back into our plane. Expect the exact same gameplay as Doom 3. This will add a few new enemies as well as a few new toys. One is the grabber which works exactly like the gravity gun in Half-Life 2. I find it a great weapon to grab fireballs thrown at you by Imps and toss them right back. Also new (or returing at least from Classic Doom II), is the double barrel shotgun. Always very effective at close range. If you like Doom 3, this is more of the same. And that is not a bad thing at all.
Newman Rating: 4 Star 4 Star
System: PC PC
Region: United States United States
Category: 1st Person Shooter
Publisher: id Software
Includes: Game Box, Game Manual
Condition: Complete in Box
Date Added: June 20, 2005
Last Updated: February 20, 2019
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