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The pinky deamon from Doom 3.
After 10 years id software decides to let us retun to the world of Doom. What a creepy dark world it is. Using Carmack's latest 3d engine tech Doom takes us on a trip through hell and back. I will say this: The game looks and plays beautifully. id never lets us down on game tech. Having finished the game I did find only a few faults. It does get repetitive to keep fighting against the same zombies and imps through most of the game. I also got very tired of the infamous "Monster Closets" that would open up behind you in walls and more enemies would suddenly pop out. It seemed very cheap, and took away any of the realism the game had left. Yeah, I said realism. Seems odd doesn't it? Even with those complaints aside. I still liked the game. Even though it's just a game, it has a way of being damn spooky. I would get very upset when things would jump out from behind me, no matter how much I mentally prepared myself for that inevitable moment.
Newman Rating: 4 Star 4 Star
System: PC PC
Region: United States United States
Category: 1st Person Shooter
Publisher: id Software
Includes: Game Box, Game Manual
Condition: Complete in Box
Date Added: September 2, 2004
Last Updated: February 20, 2019

Tips & Tricks


Push [Ctrl] + [Alt] + ~ to see the console window. Now submit one of the codes below to enable that particular cheat code for Doom 3.

What code does Code
Save demo in .AVI format avidemo
Game benchmark benchmark
Skip to last level doomhell
Freeze everything on screen freeze
Display graphics card details gfxinfo
God mode god
No clipping noclip
Ignored by most enemies notarget
Show framerate com_showfps 1
Full weapons and ammunition give all
Full ammunition for current weapons give ammo
Armor to 125 give armor
Health to 100 give health
Classic 1995 version give doom95
All keys give keys
Machine gun give weapon_machinegun
Shotgun give weapon_shotgun
Plasmagun give weapon_plasmagun
BFG give weapon_bfg
Chainsaw give weapon_chainsaw
Rocket launcher give weapon_rocketlauncher
Spawn indicated item give <item name>
Display game status status
Spawn indicated model spawn <object name>
Play indicated map map <map name>
Benchmark test timedemo demo1.demo
Set gamma level r_gamma <0-3>
Set brightness level r_brightness <number>
Toggle sound level display s_showlevelmeter 1
Set sound volume; default is 0 s_volume_db <number>
Toggle third person view pm_thirdperson <0 or 1>
Toggle hit % to HUD g_showprojectilepct 1
Start recording game demo recorddemo
Stop recording game demo stoprecording
Send message to everyone in multi-player say <message>
Advance to next weapon slot weapnext
Change lighting editlight
Change sounds in editor area editsounds
Crashes game crash
Disables connection for current multi-player game disconnect
Kill all monsters in current level killmonsters
Kill all moving enemies killmoveables
Kill all non-moving enemies killragdolls
Lists images of monsters listmonsters
Lists indicated def file settings listlightdefs
Lists indicated def file settings listentitydefs
Open directory dir
Open the in-game editor editor
Respawn all dead enemies and destroyed objects regenerateworld
Return to previous weapon slot weapprev
Show available memory game_memory
Show location and map name where
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there _button7
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there _button6
Switch to indicated weapon slot, regardless if you have a weapon there _button5
Kill current target; suicide if no one is targeted kill
Exit game quit
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